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Empowering Tomorrow

Annual report and magazine

The transformation of energy supply, the mobility revolution, scarce resources: our time is full of challenges. How to meet them is reported by our client under the claim “Empowering Tomorrow”. We designed and implemented the combination of annual report and magazine as a pdf and in an interactive HTML version. The canvas-like design invites the viewer into the individual stories and provides a good overview at the same time.

Aurubis AG

Annual Report and Magazine 2021/2022 (print/online), incl. reporting video

Reporting, publishing, digital, design, film

Conceptualization for content and design
Consulting and project management
Design and layout
Supervision of photo shoots
Consulting with production, processing and refinementg
UX/UI, programming, technical implementation and maintenance
Consulting moving images
Motion design


Pictures speak more than words – especially when they accompany the respective words. Together with Aurubis, we have condensed the events of the 2021/2022 fiscal year into an information-packed two minutes. On the one hand, this results in an impressive teaser for the annual report, and on the other hand, a compact summary of Aurubis' fiscal year.

A perfect combination

Aurubis publishes the Annual Report in combination with a magazine that also functions as a stand-alone publication. It is an important tool for events and other touchpoints with customers, applicants, business partners and interested parties. Therefore, the print version of the magazine has been printed in a higher circulation than the Annual Report.

Deep insights into the company's activities

The magazine includes five reports in which Aurubis makes extensive disclosure on current projects. They deal with the topics of energy, recycling, innovations, employees and sustainability. Canvas-style photographs, illustrations and graphics combined with the texts provide a deep insight into the company's activities.

Say Hello.

Kirchhoff: Mitarbeiter: Thorbjörn Stäcker
Thorbjörn Stäcker

+49 40 609 186 42

Kirchhoff: Mitarbeiterin: Stefanie Wulf
Stefanie Wulf

Partner, Head of Reporting/Publishing
+49 40 609 186 11