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Convincing investors.

More than 70 successful IPOs and a total of over 100 accompanied transactions: This makes us one of the leading advisors for IPOs and capital measures. A coherent equity story is essential to convince investors and win their trust. Beyond transaction advice, we know how to effectively communicate business models and the future potential of a company as well as the competencies of its management – and prepare our clients in the best possible way for being public.

Illustration: Kirchhoff: Hanging Bell
Illustration: Kirchhoff: Head of a bull in front of rising lines from a diagram

Convincing investors.

  • Stock Market Readiness
  • Business Plan
  • Parameter Equity Story
  • Time and Action Plan
  • Conversion
  • Key Points of the Emissions Concept
  • Indicative Company Valuation
  • Project Management
  • Bank Exposé/Fact Book
  • Preparation Interview Investment
  • Management Presentation
  • Selection of Syndicate Banks
  • Project Team Selection
  • Project Management
  • IPO Communication Concept
  • Guidance Due Diligence, Project Preparation, Pricing
  • Investor Education, Investor Selection
  • PR Campaigns
  • IPO Website
  • Project Management
  • Listing Event
Icon: Kirchhoff: Arrow stuck in the middle of a target


Our experience.
Your values.

100%Customer Retention after IPO
25+Years of Experience

“Kirchhoff Consult... one of the largest and most successful IPO consulting Groups in the German market and one of the top investor relations specialists in Germany.”

— The Holmes Report, USA

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Klaus Rainer Kirchhoff

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Jens Hecht

Managing Partner
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