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Build a better future.

2021 Company Report

For the first time, the Hilti Company Report 2021 combines the company report, sustainability report, and financial report on a joint reporting website.


Hilti 2021 Company Report

Reporting, digital, design

Project management
Design and layout
Motion design
Social media campaign

The company report focuses on Hilti's strategy and tells in an inspiring way how the strategic fields of action of the corporation are connected to greater value creation for the environment, society, and employees: "Connect strategic imperatives to larger value creation for environment, society and people". This is supported by the presentation of outstanding projects of the company.

Hilti's ambition to build a better future is reflected in many social projects around the world, as well as in the daily commitment of employees to the company's customers and partners.

Photo: Hilti: Story slider


In 13 stories exclusively produced for the report, the report not only tells of the company's innovative strength and digital transformation but also sheds light on Hilti's intense relationship with its employees, customers, and partners. Different formats such as reportage, report, interview and photo story help to convey the stories from a company or customer perspective.

Photo: Hilti: Parallax element


Videos, photo galleries, infographics, animations, and gamification elements - the stories of the report are experienced in a variety of ways.

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  • Photo: Hilti: 4 young people
  • Photo: Hilti: Interactive PDF
  • Photo: Hilti: E-mobility graphic
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