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Photo: Munich Airport: Integrated Report 2018 Digital

Flughafen München

Shaping the future


Only talk about the past in annual reports? No way! A report should also convey visions of the future. A plan of the big picture is drawn in Flughafen München’s integrated report 2018. And it does so with a clever combination of illustrations and photographs that simply visualises: Something is developing here.

Flughafen München GmbH

Integrated Report 2018

Reporting, Digital

Concept for Content and Design of Online and Print Reports
Consulting and Project Management
Design, Animations, Motion Design, Layout
Consulting on Production, Processing and Refinement
Programming, Technical Implementation and Updating

Photo: Munich Airport: Online Integrated Report 2018


A report like a good airport: Modernly made, there’s something going on everywhere, and you find what you’re looking for immediately. This is ensured not only by the generous and contemporary design, but also by the focus on service functions. Interactive graphics give insight into the business model and the types of capital. And the many fine details and refinements provide that certain something.

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  • Photo: Munich Airport: Report 2018 mobile view
  • Photo: Munich Airport: Report 2018 View Tablet
  • Photo: Munich Airport: Report 2018 Insight
  • Photo: Munich Airport: Report 2018 Insight
  • Photo: Munich Airport: Report 2018 Insight

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Photo: Johannes Schleede
Johannes Schleede

Senior Art Director
+49 40 609 186 46

Kirchhoff: Employee: Dr. Kai Roeske
Dr. Kai Roeske

Partner, Head of Reporting/Publishing
+49 40 609 186 67